Smell sweet on-board with the Travalo atomiser

Allowable in your hand luggage, non-spill and easy to refill, the Travalo is a great idea for holidays and work. It's really compact, about the size of a lipstick and perfect to use on the go-go-go. PLUS it doesn't take up too much room in your luggage.

Also useful when you're out and about in general - that massive bottle of perfume is always rather embarrassing to whip out of the handbag, but this is much more discreet! AND no-one knows your perfume is called Oui (always thought that was an odd name for a perfume - "Mmmmm...I smell of Oui")

It's aluminium, not glass, which is a bonus when it comes to breakages (anyone had a perfume refill explode in their handbags? Nightmare, Expensive nightmare!) and the styling is great too. Chic and simple, it's available in a variety of colours. Nice. 

It apparently lasts for 50 sprays, and is really easy to refill from your supersaver 500ml perfume bottle at home!

If not already, this product is soon to be appearing in your inflight brochures, so keep an eye out for it and snap one up for a bargain £10. We all think it stinks of success!

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