Morgan & Oates
Handpainted cashmere wraps from Morgan & Oates
Morgan & Oates

Morgan & Oates Scotland has brought us these wonderful cashmere and merino wool wraps. Perfect for travelling - they'll take up minimal room in your handbag, but will transform you  instantly from grubby passenger to jet-set paparazzi-fodder when strutting through Arrivals.

A perfect last-minute gift for any stylish lady (or one who needs a style injection!), they are EXCLUSIVE to Travel Retail or on-board. So be assured that you won't see every Tom, Dick or Harry working the High Street in the same design.

Individually hand painted, lightweight but warm, a Morgan & Oates wrap can be used as first-line defence against air-conditioning, on the beach to cover those hard-to-reach places, around the shoulders, waist, over the head...hell, round your left ankle if you want. However you wear it, you will immediately appear more glamorous and when disembarking from a 10 hour flight, that can't be bad.

Designs pictured: Floral White, Leopard Beige, Stripe Lilac


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