Catch A Whiff
Play our new game to win a bag of perfumes!
Catch A Whiff

****************** CLOSED ************************ CLOSED *****************

****************** Men Winners ************************

Scflyer89 @ Thomas Cook
ChrisE @ EasyJet

****************** Women Winners ************************

Lolly11 @ Thomas Cook
Nen87 @ Thomas Cook

You've all been there... everything is set for take off, when suddenly all hell breaks loose!!! Angry wasps and a snake have escaped from the live cargo hold, a gang of violent infants are stalking the gangway and inproperly stored bags of perfume are falling from the overhead compartments... it's a Nightmare Cabin!!! Play Now

It's up to you to restore some kind of order by catching the bags of fantastic perfume before they hit the ground, avoiding the perils that surround you. Stay clear of the angry wasps, aggressive babies and falling shoes as you score points for every bag you successfully catch.

Show your experience in this common cabin scenario and if you score above 5000 points, you will be entered into our prize draw, in which you could win 1 of 4 Mega Perfume Bags courtesy of our friends at Coty Prestige.

Women's CK Bag contains:
Vera Wang Glam Princess, Marc Jacobs Lola, CK Euphoria, Davidoff Cool Water

Men's CK Bag contains:
Vera Wang Men, CK Free, Marc Jacobs Men, Davidoff Hot Water

So start bouncing around the cabin, because points mean prizes!!! Play Now

Winners announced August 1st 2010.


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